Is it painful?

Waxing with hot wax is painful?
It depends… everybody is different and has different sensibility levels … some have a lower threshold, others can resist more for the pain. But definitely, your level of pain will get better after a few sessions because your hair will get thinner and weaker and easy to remove.
In the beginning, the hair is very thick, and to remove it can be painful. However is you carry on waxing and don’t shave in between, the hair will become weaker and thinner and easy to remove. The result? a less painful waxing!!


Why you should choose Wax

1- Waxing leave your skin smooth
Waxing provides a soft touch to the skin, while razor leaves your skin rough and many times with harsh. Any type of razor that is used to remove hair leaves the skin a bit rough. This happens because they cut the hair in half, and then you can feel discomfort when the hair starts to grow

2- Waxing remove the hair through the root
Wax, when sticking to the hair, remove it through the root. Once that hair is removed, the root gets weaker and the process of hair growth takes longer and the wax lasts for longer. This reduces the necessity of waxing which can be done less often.

3- Waxing will reduce the amount of hair
The necessity of waxing will become less every time you do because removing the hair through the root will destroy the root of that hair. This process demand that the woman make use of only one method: waxing, that is avoids shaving with a razor.

4- The hair starts to grow thinner
Because the process of waxing removes the hair through the root, waxing makes the hair weaker and they get thinner and thinner, becoming even softer.

5-Remove dead skin
At the moment that the wax touches the skin, it sticks to the hair and some dead cells also stick to the wax. When the therapist removes the wax, remove also a layer dead skin, and it works like a natural exfoliation.


My first waxing

You may ask: “Where can have my first waxing?” We’ll be straight with you: Getting your first bikini wax is not a fun experience for most people.

That said, it’s a longer-lasting method to removing your pubic hair than shaving. With the smoothness from a bikini was lasting for two to four weeks, rather than days. That’s why waxing is the best option.

Because at the Brazilian Wax we have a team of experienced Waxing therapists, will look after you and make sure your waxing is as pain-free as possible!

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