Microblading and Micropigmenation


Transform your beauty routine with precision and artistry through our Microblading and Micropigmentation services.

Our skilled technician specialise in enhancing natural features, offering meticulously crafted eyebrows and lips  enhancements.

Experience the confidence that comes with waking up to effortlessly defined brows and lasting beauty.

Elevate your look with our expert touch at The Brazilian Wax.


-Lips Micropigmentation





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Microblading & Micropigmentation prices

Important notes: 

On the consultation day I will charge £80 which will be deducted from the total amount if you decide to go ahead with the procedure.

Please note the consultation is free and the £80 are a non refundable deposit in case you decide to cancel the booked appointment. 

On the day of the procedure you will then pay the remaining balance and that will include the touch up session to be organised between 5-8 weeks after the first procedure.