Male Waxing

We know that for men, the beard, chest, shoulders, back, legs, arms, groin, nose and ears should receive all special attention. Keeping up with your body has become more and more important every day, and just the basics (shaving and shaving, skin cleaning, massages, scrubbing, exfoliating etc.), despite making a lot of difference, has not been enough. Because of this, male hair removal is something that increasingly attracts the attention of men.

Shoulder and back are the most chosen areas. They are bothersome and visually not cool. Walking around the city shirtless, going to the beach or pool and playing football without hair is much more comfortable. The use of regattas in the gyms does not match the hair.

Most practitioners of physical activities prefer to get rid of hair, not just because of vanity; is that shaved skin offers less resistance to air and water. In cycling, swimming, or running, many athletes’ reports confirm that they experience performance changes.

Without hair, the body has more definition, gains more prominence, in addition to all the comfort and hygiene that smooth skin presents!

Men’s hair is more resistant and usually long, but the organic Wax that we use at The Brazilian Wax is very effective and pain less.  Waxing brings many advantages to the modern man who is concerned with self-esteem and well-being. Very professional and high skilled, our therapists can take care of you in a very safe environment.  Waxing will removes all hair without damaging the skin, painlessly, leaving it soft and hydrated.

We do Wax from head to toe and intimate waxing is our specialty regarding to male wax.

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